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December 2021 Pretty Rocks Club - chrysocolla & opals

December 2021 Pretty Rocks Club - chrysocolla & opals

This ended up being a double shipment for subscribers, to make up for the fact that a few months earlier in the year had been impacted by supply chain issues. Because there’s a LOT in it and the note is twice as long, I’m only making this month available at the deluxe level.

I don't have any good earring pairs left but I can do an asymmetric pair of earrings at either level if that's a thing you'd be comfortable wearing - they’d be the same length and size and I’d make them balance visually, but there will be different stones on each one. This month is NOT suited for being a bracelet, the stones are too fragile, but I could do a neckvine-style necklace too  

Please let me know if you want a pendant, neckvine, or asymmetric earrings. 

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