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Citrine crystal points

Citrine crystal points

Beautiful citrine crystals, all with rich sunshine-golden coloring and many with deep amber at the tips. Lots and LOTS of amazing rainbows inside these stones, and some have black tourmaline inclusions. 

I carefully hand-pick all the stones I buy for color, quality, and energy. These are the exact same stones as I would use in my own work and I am happy to make some of them available to you for your crystal collections and/or jewelry making. I hope you will enjoy them!

Citrine is a stone that dissipates negative energy and helps bring warmth, joy, and optimism into your life. It is like sunlight in crystal form!

Price is per crystal; I will choose one just for you from the assortment shown here. These citrine crystals average .75" wide by 1" - 1.25" long. 

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