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Giant Destash Box: Dragon Starter Kit

Giant Destash Box: Dragon Starter Kit

Every dragon needs some tools for their workbench and a good starter kit of shiny objects! The last of my destash boxes: a tiny pair of pliers (rusty and not very good, but very cute) and some bead sorting trays, and some weird things that Fire Mountain Gems sold me as earring tags (I'm pretty sure I was ordering stuff after taking Ambien again...) and an old ring box full of random beads, plus more random beads and broken watches and jewelry, plus the last of my grab bags, all shoved into a flat rate bubble mailer. Aaaaaaaaand I’ll toss in a handful of beads from the Bowl of Doom (basically a sixth grab bag) plus a steampunk giraffe and a piano string. Over 3 pounds of shiny objects and weird stuff!

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