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Dryad Grove #9

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  • Matched pairs of labradorite at this size are HARD to find, so while these were on the pricy side, I have zero regrets about this particular round of impulse shopping.  Because the stones are so spectacular, I’m opting to set most of them very simply, like this...

    This pair has AMAZING striped flash, and was beautifully cut so it runs at at an angle. Really lovely. There’s also a sneaky rainbow refraction in one of them!

    These are on the larger and heavier side of things, but I made myself a pair and wore them all afternoon and they’re not uncomfortable.  They are a little delicate, so they’ll be sent wrapped individually and I would recommend storing them either in one of the little boxes I use for shipping or on some sort of earring holder where they won’t bump into anything else. 

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