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Embers & Roses

Embers & Roses

This pendant... kind of ran away from me while I was working on it. I had in mind for it to be simple, just a frame of wire accenting the vintage chandelier crystal and the rose bead, but then it started getting ornate, and demanded some little accent beads, and, well... arguing with the wire never ends well, so I let it have its way and I can’t say as I’m unhappy with the result! 

This is a BIG pendant - just a smidge shy of 4” inches long and about 1.5” wide, and it weighs over an ounce. It will be the most comfortable on a neckvine or a heavy chain - or I could build it out into a necklace, which would cost extra (how much extra would depend on what sort of necklace you want and what you want me to put in it, but probably not more than another $30 - $50 unless you REALLY want to go all out) but would be absolutely spectacular and I would not object at ALL to being asked to do that. 

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