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Ethically Mined Quartz Crystals from Arkansas

Ethically Mined Quartz Crystals from Arkansas

Since I began making jewelry over a decade ago, there has been only one place where I will buy my quartz crystals: a small, independently-owned mine in Arkansas, run by a man who has a deep love for "his" crystals and respect for the land and the stones. People who are skeptical of crystal energy or just consider them to be pretty rocks inevitably startle the first time I drop one of these crystals into their hand, and anyone who's worked with crystals for any length of time will look at the crystal, look up at me, and say in a tone of some astonishment "I have NEVER felt such a happy crystal before!"

These are, indeed, very happy crystals. I have been to the mine; the land is treated with kindness and respect for the treasure it shares with us, and the crystals are beyond anything else I've ever found in quality, clarity and energy. I will never buy crystal anywhere else, and I think you'll understand once you feel these stones for yourself.

Price is per crystal; they average about 1.5" long and .5 - .75" wide. I will pick one just for you from the assortment shown here. These are wonderful to use for focusing energy, or just to carry in a pocket on days when you need a little extra tranquility or joy. 


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