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Fools And Their Gold

Fools And Their Gold

At some point a while back, I snagged a gold titanium-coated druzy geode while I was buying some beads, because it was cheap and why not? Only I failed to notice the part where it was also kind of huge, so it sat on my workbench for a few months. I finally decided to see what would happen if I smacked it gently with a hammer, because it was bigger than I wanted to use in jewelry and I didn’t have much to lose… and as it turned out, it was even prettier broken into pieces than when it was a single fully-coated chunk of druzy. The gold flows gracefully into the natural sparkling silver color of the druzy, resulting in a fascinating stone that catches the light in a hundred directions at once. Please handle with some care - druzy can be fragile due to the nature of its crystaline structure. 1.6” long, 1.1” wide.

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