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RESERVED Garden of Misfits

RESERVED Garden of Misfits

A special coating on one side of glass beads results in the amazing multi-color/color-shifting effect you’ve been seeing a lot lately - but with beads like these roses, which have a distinct front and back side, sometimes the coating ends up on the “wrong” side of the bead. A recent batch had an inordinately high number of these, and since they’re still pretty, if not what I expected, I decided to gather them up and make a necklace. If you like the clearly defined rose shape, you can wear it with the metallic green side facing out; if you prefer the brilliant magenta/gold/rainbow colors and don’t care as much about the shape of the beads, wear it that way around! 

I’d suggest picking which way you think you’ll wear it the most and having me put the clasp on that way - it’s not impossible to close my hook-and-eye clasps backwards, but it is harder. If you think you’ll want to wear it both ways on a regular basis, let’s talk about other types of clasps that might be easier...

I can adjust this to any size from 10 to 26 inches; it will look best as a loose choker. Please put a note on your order at checkout letting me know what length you want and which side you want to face outwards, or if you want to figure out a clasp that will be more forgiving of being flipped around on a regular basis. 

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