Hidden In Plain Sight

I love stones that have secrets, and this one has a LOT. At first glance it’s a fairly nondescript disc of ivory moonstone, sometimes with a rainbow sparking... but if you catch it at just the right angle, there’s also sparkling motes of golden schiller, and light flashes along the edges in a way that was impossible to adequately catch on camera. I spent a long time with this stone, trying to figure out how to set it so the edge flash would be visible, and in the end I settled on tipping it forward slightly so you can see the flash when you look down at it. The rainbow and the schiller are elusive but easy to spot if you angle it under bright light. 

$ 40.00

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My silver wire is .999 fine silver over a copper core, encased in a durable clear enamel coating. (My gold, bronze, rosegold, and copper wires also have the clear enamel coating, unless otherwise specified.) I have been using this wire since I began making jewelry in 2003, because it is extremely non-reactive - people with metal allergies can wear it! - and it does not tarnish. It is also easier for me to manipulate than solid sterling wire, which allows me to hand-sculpt it into the intricate fwooshiness of my trademark style despite the extensive hypermobility caused by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

In the interest of being environmentally friendly, I keep my packaging as minimal as possible while still protecting the contents. Most orders are shipped in small kraft boxes inside bubble mailers, with items packed together whenever possible rather than using a single box for each piece of jewelry in an order. (Gift bags are available!) Larger items are usually shipped wrapped in tissue paper in a Priority Mail box.

I am transitioning away from using packing slips or other paper inserts; while many small businesses like mine routinely include handwritten thank you notes in every order, I feel it is more environmentally responsible to express my appreciation for your patronage via email rather than contributing to the contents of your recycling bin!