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Free #I’llGoWithYou Buttons

Free #I’llGoWithYou Buttons

I bought a whole bunch of these 1.25” buttons a few years ago and gave most of them away to friends, but I’ve got some left over and since the world is dangerous and scary for a lot of marginalized folks right now, I thought I’d offer them up here as well for anybody who’s willing to be a visible ally. 

(If you aren’t familiar with this mitzvah, learn more here, including detailed tips for how to effectively help anyone who takes you up on it! Also if you want to get more to hand out to your friends as well, you can order your own there.)

Please limit one per person. You’re welcome to just order just this and nothing else if you want, but please don’t use a free shipping code if you happen to have one; it doesn’t cost me anything extra to tuck one into an order of shinies, but my shipping rates just barely cover postage and mailers as it is. Thanks!

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