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It’s What You Don’t Think You See That Matters, Actually

It’s What You Don’t Think You See That Matters, Actually


A vast assortment of colorshifting and not-colorshifting-but-looks-like it should glass and crystal on silver wire. This necklace is essentially a tribute to tricksters: many of the beads change color in different types of lighting, others just can’t quite make up their mind what color they are, and some of the beads that don’t shift were chosen to match the colors of the shifted states of other beads.

Most of the photos were taken under incandescent light; the majority of the colorshifting beads shift blue in fluorescent light but some go to green, and sunlight results in a few unexpected greys and pinks. But really - this is a trickster necklace. On purpose. 

Can be adjusted to any length between 16 and 22 inches; please specify desired length in notes at checkout. Longer sizing will taper down to a narrow ornamented neckvine in the back.

Take a look at what the beads do under different kinds of lighting in this video!


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