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Mermaid Dream(s)

Mermaid Dream(s)

Okay, so: this is the design that made me go viral. Sorta. Completely by accident. 

It was 2005, and I had just discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs (who had in turn only been around for a year or two at that point, I think?) and somebody on the forums offered to send me a bunch of imps in exchange for a piece of jewelry, and I made her a peridot pendant and she went me a big box of perfume samples, and we both squeeeeeeeed a lot on the forums and other people were asking if they could get a shiny thing too, the next thing I knew I was quitting my job.

...okay, so it didn’t happen QUITE that fast or that simply, but yeah: this design was what kicked it all into motion. And I never could remember if it was singular or plural.

This one is peridot with opals, pearls, and firepolished glass. 

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