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Morning Wire Meditation, July 16 2019

Morning Wire Meditation, July 16 2019

Riffing on an OLD design here... anybody remember this from the wayway-back machine? (Anybody still HAVE one of those?)

That design was actually the first thing I ever learned how to duplicate accurately - I put the original up on my website, went out for a couple of hours, and came home to discover that five people had bought it. (This was back in the days before Etsy existed, so my website was just a single HTML page of photos with PayPal buttons that I manually removed once something sold.) I went by timestamps and offered the other four people their choice of a remake or refund, and I think everybody opted for the remake, and I managed to turn out pretty respectable copies... and lo, open editions were born. 

Standard warning for people with long and/or curly hair on this one - it will tangle. Also don’t wear it with a lacy top or scarf. And it’s not as sturdy as my work is now, although it’s a lot sturdier than my work was back then...

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