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Morning Wire Meditation, July 18 2019

Morning Wire Meditation, July 18 2019

So I’ve been noticing some interesting patterns now that I’ve been doing this for a few weeks - one of which is HOW scraps accumulate on my workbench. I’d never paid much attention before, figuring it was just part of the process, but it turns out that I often end up with a LOT more scraps at the end of a day when I’m dealing with high levels of pain. This isn’t surprising when I think about it - I’m good at working through pain, but it definitely takes a toll on my productivity and creativity. 

On days when everything is going well, I often don’t have many (or even any) scraps left at the end of the day, because I use them up as I go along. 

Yesterday was a really bad pain day, and I ended up scrapping two or three pieces because I just couldn’t get the wire to do what I wanted. This usually results in multiple short pieces of wire, so today I grabbed a handful and these earrings were the result. Standard warning for curly/long hair!

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