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Morning Wire Meditation, June 19 2019

Morning Wire Meditation, June 19 2019

I’ve been working on streamlining my morning routine for the past few weeks, which also includes clearing off my workspace at the end of the day so it’s not a cluttered mess when I come back. Inevitably, I have wire scraps - no matter how many I use up over the course of a typical day, there are always more, and I’ve never found a good solution for dealing with them. 

Last night I had an idea: what if I start my day by picking up some wire scraps and seeing what I can make? Just wire, no stones or beads, no planning, just being present with the wire. 

Here’s the first experiment - and interestingly, you can SEE my brain settling down as I worked; the one on the right with all spirals is the one I made first, and the one on the left with the more flowing lines came after that, as I shifted from COFFEECOFFEECOFFEESOMANYTHINGSTODO to being present in the moment. 

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