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Morning Wire Meditation, June 28 2019

Morning Wire Meditation, June 28 2019

Okay, this one took me way out of my comfort zone. Normally my wirework involves a lot of different shapes of swoops that switch direction every few loops; for this piece, I made myself stick to only ONE kind of swoop per pass, and all in the same direction. So first it was all the same direction of fwooshy swoops, and then on the next pass it was all right vertical wraps, and on the final pass it was all s-curves. The only thing I varied was the tightness and placement, and I actually had to fight to keep from automatically switching direction/type of loop every few turns. 

(Also, a confession: I didn’t have any wire scraps this morning, since I was too migraine-y to actually work yesterday. So I decided that cutting wire from a spool is permissible on the rare occasions when I actually don’t have any leftover scraps from the previous day.)

Oh, and this is 6.5” long. I can add an extender if you need one. 

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