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Pricing change, April 2023: I've switched to a flat-rate pricing for neckvines, as that is more in line with my mission of providing ethically priced jewelry to people of all genders and all body sizes. 

Neckvines are thin, lightweight, and extremely flexible necklaces that hold even the largest pendant comfortably. They can also be worn alone as a simple choker, or several can be gently twisted together to make an organic necklace. 

Each freeform neckvine will be slightly different; please allow 2 - 4 additional days for orders containing this item.

Please note: I normally send neckvines coiled so they will fit into a first class padded mailer. If you would prefer to have your neckvine sent uncoiled, please select Priority Mail shipping at checkout.

Due to limitations on the number of variations I can have per product, not all sizes are listed in all colors, but I am happy to make any size in any color, or in a mixture of colors. 

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