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NOT TODAY, SATAN (pendant version)

NOT TODAY, SATAN (pendant version)

For those days when you just CAN’T with somebody anymore and you need a little help resisting the temptation to re-arrange their chakras. Or for when Mercury is retrograde. Or because we’re all living in a really bad dystopian novel. 

My favorite combination of grounding/calming/protective stones: hematite and rainbow obsidian. Also available as earrings!

Limited edition, please allow for slight natural variations in the stones. This batch of rainbow obsidian is a lovely silky black with hints of silvery-grey, purple, and green; some of the beads display multiple colors and some just have one color, but they’re all really pretty. 

Obligatory disclaimers: pretty rocks are not a substitute for medical or psychiatric care, going to work, using your words, eating your vegetables, or voting. Not for human or canine consumption. (Also not for feline consumption, but good luck arguing with a cat.) Void where prohibited, which is probably most of United States since these were made by a person who used to have a uterus.

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