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Personal Collection: The Time-Traveler’s Wristwatch

Personal Collection: The Time-Traveler’s Wristwatch

This is from... hm, maybe 2008 or 2009? I was experimenting a lot with mixed-media pieces and non-traditional materials, and I came up with this steampunk-inspired leather cuff ornamented with all sorts of things that I thought might be useful to the average time traveler. I know there’s a bus token, a postage stamp, a tiny map fragment, and a few bits of dictionary pages stuffed in between various layers of leather and under other things; there’s also a key and a stopped watch (I’m guessing at some point it just couldn’t keep up with all the jumping around the space-time continuum) and quite possibly a few other things I don’t remember. 

It’s 7” long, and NOT adjustable. The bits and bobs wedged into it aren’t glued in, so they might fall out (that’s intentional) unless you decide you want to glue them in. It’s highly impractical, definitely not suitable for daily wear, and should be considered a costuming/art piece rather than a regular piece of jewelry. 

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