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Pride 2018: Trans Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Pride 2018: Trans Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Want a pendant? Bracelet? Earrings? A hair thingie? Something else? I’ve chosen the beads, you get to choose what I do with them!

In a note at checkout, please tell me what you’d like me to make, and include a measurement if you want a bracelet. If you choose earrings, you’ll get an asymmetric pair, as shown in the samples. (If you really, really want identical, order two of this item and I’ll make you the fanciest set of earrings you ever did see.) I’ll default to silver wire, but am happy to do something else if you want.


What arrives in your mailbox will be a surprise - please only order this if you’re okay with a bit of randomness happening. If you need to see exactly what you’re getting, or want a necklace, ask me about a custom piece.


(Want different pride colors? I’m happy to make anything; just email me! Please tell me what pride flag/colors and if possible include a reference photo so I can accurately match the shades of each color...)

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