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Roman Glass Mezuzah Case

Roman Glass Mezuzah Case

This mezuzah case features Roman glass circa 100 - 400BC on copper wire sculpted around a clear glass tube, allowing the mezuzah scroll to be visible. Hang it in your doorframe using small nails into the center of the spirals at either end.

Please note: my mezuzah cases do not include a scroll! If you don’t already have a scroll that you wish to move into this case, you will need to purchase one for it; I do not sell them at this time. (I used plain paper in the photos to show how the case will look with a scroll.) The case measures just over 5” from end to end and the glass tube is slightly under 4” long; I would suggest a 3.5” or 3.75” scroll. The ends of the tube are open, so this case is best suited for interior doorways. It is traditional to wrap a scroll in waxed paper to protect it from the elements when placing a mezuzah outside, but I will leave it up to you to decide if that would provide sufficient protection should you want to use this case on an exterior doorway.)

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