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Rough (unpolished) ruby crystals

Rough (unpolished) ruby crystals

Many years ago I had the unusual opportunity to buy a large quantity of completely unprocessed, unpolished ruby rough. I can not even begin to describe the appeal of these stones! I've used them in my jewelry work many times, and when I sell at craft shows I always take some with me to point out to people who have a particular interest in gemstones. For all that they are unassuming visually, they were usually one of my best-selling stones. I have a very limited supply of these larger stones left, and I wanted to make them available to you to enjoy as well.

They range in color from browns and rusty oranges to deep red/purples, depending on the light. I've never tried to polish them, preferring to enjoy them as a curiosity and an educational aid, but if you have an interest in lapidary, who knows what you might find! 

These rough rubies are all approximately half an inch long in their longest dimension. Price is per stone and I will pick one just for you from the batch shown here. They are undrilled, so they can either be wirewrapped or enjoyed as part of a crystal and gemstone collection. Ruby is associated most strongly with love, and especially the heart chakra. It is a very powerful stone, with an almost leonine energy about it. 

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