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The Glorious Rainbow Labradorite Necklace

The Glorious Rainbow Labradorite Necklace

I have seen a LOT of labradorite (I buy it by the kilo, after all) and this is the most glorious labradorite I have ever seen. (Also the most expensive I have ever purchased.) Every single color of the rainbow is present, in a glorious gradient. 

I’ve actually had it and it’s twin - yes, I have two of these! - for two years and kept taking them out to admire and then putting them away again because I was too intimidated to make them into anything. But they deserve to be out in the world, not hidden away in a box in my studio… so here’s the first one. 

It’s set into a bezel of coiled wire with a frame of swooping sculpted wire accented with stones in every color of the rainbow - garnet, ruby, carnelian, topaz, zircon, sapphire, tanzanite, emerald, kyanite, aquamarine, fluorite, pink tourmaline, lapis, apatite; sunstone, amazonite, amethyst, lepidolite, chrome diopside, peridot… I’m probably missing a few. The necklace has smaller silvery labradorite beads woven onto more wirework - the flash in the small beads doesn’t show up very well in photos but they have blue, green, pink, purple, and golden flash and catch the light constantly. 

The large stone is 3” long and the pendant portion of the necklace is about 4” long. (The pendant does not separate from the necklace.) The necklace can be sized to any length between 12 and 26 inches; please specify desired length below. It will fit best with the necklace slightly above the collarbones and the labradorite resting over your sternum. 

The price includes shipping within the US and a video call to help with sizing if needed. If you are within driving distance of Concord NH you can opt to pick it up in person and have me do the final fitting at that time. 

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