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The Very Dignified Pirate

The Very Dignified Pirate

I honestly have NO clue how this series got started, except that ocean jasper and pearls and coral seemed to go together really well, and... okay, storytime: the FAQ was one of the casualties in The Great Website Drama of 2013  (NO I’M NOT STILL BITTER actually wait yes I am) and I never got around to replacing it, but one of the actually-frequently-asked questions was “how do you come up with all the names for your pieces” and the answer was basically “I have super diverse interests and read a lot, but also vodka” and... basically, yeah.  

See, putting stuff on the website back then was an all-day affair involving flood lights and a camera that didn’t double as my phone WTF and cables and also FILENAMES and a whole a lot of waiting around for things to upload, and by the end of an update I was usually SERIOUSLY punchy, so yes, there were pieces  named things like “When Pirates Do Drag” and “Pirates for President” and “When Pirates Do Shrooms” and OW MY EYES I had managed to totally block out the memory of that one BRB WHISKEY.

Where was I? Right. Many years later, this is a much more dignified take on the trope: ocean jasper, coral, pearls, opal, and emerald. 

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