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Underwater Tree

Underwater Tree

I talked about the origins of this one the other day when I found my hands doing something similar on autopilot, so because I’m tired I will just go shamelessly plagiarize myself: 

“That design was actually the first thing I ever learned how to duplicate accurately - I put the original up on my website, went out for a couple of hours, and came home to discover that five people had bought it. (This was back in the days before Etsy existed, so my website was just a single HTML page of photos with PayPal buttons that I manually removed once something sold.) I went by timestamps and offered the other four people their choice of a remake or refund, and I think everybody opted for the remake, and I managed to turn out pretty respectable copies... and lo, open editions were born.”

The original had a big red pearl and smaller white pearls, so I flipped that color pattern around, and also used twisted square wire, which was a thing I didn’t know about in 2005. 

(And yes, I absolutely CAN duplicate this one too, but not until my wire order arrives next week, because I used up the last of my initial “that sounds fun I’ll buy some” coil and my supplier is taking forEVERRRRRR to ship out the order I placed last week and I’m now rationing 20 gauge silver despite HAVING PLANNED AHEAD FOR ONCE but I digress a lot.)

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