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Unwritten Stories #2

Unwritten Stories #2

The Unwritten Stories chapbooks contain original writing based on or inspired by individual pieces of jewelry that I have made - or in this case, the other way around. Each piece of named jewelry that I make is shipped with a fragment of either poetry or flash fiction tucked into the package. I never reveal the full text of the fragments online; each one can only be read by the person who purchases that piece of jewelry and anyone they choose to share it with, or in these mini chapbooks.

These collections are published under a Creative Commons license, and the fragments may be used as writing prompts or in any other form of creative work. 

Issue #2: Depending on how you want to look at it, this is either a single long and very obstinate poem that could never make up its mind about the shape it wanted to take… or 24 intertwined micropoems. Every time I tried to edit it into a cohesive form I would start to research something and end up finding at least three more things that needed to go into the poem. It was briefly a sestina at one point, and eventually I just gave up and left it in my notebook hoping that eventually I’d figure out what to do with it. The answer, apparently, was “give up and give it away."


(Please note: digital copies are only available as an accessibility accommodation; I am intentionally keeping this a print-based project as an experiment in tangibility. The  print run is usually 50 copies of each issue, but approximately 75 pre-release copies were included as  frees gift with orders placed during the SAVE THE EVERYTHING SALE in April 2015 and the print run of this issue will be limited to 100 copies.)

49 fragments, 12 pages, 2.75" x 3.75". No interior artwork.

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