Final days of the anniversary sale! Also ARGH MERCURY RETROGRADE AGAIN ALREADY

Anybody over the past two weeks: "Hey Kyth how's your day/week/month going?"

Me: "#%&*$^#@! MERCURY RETROGRADE!!!1!"

Yesterday I managed to misplace my chainnose pliers, which might not sound too bad because surely I own many pairs of pliers, right? YES, YES I DO but the chainnose ones are used in every single piece I make, which means that I effectively can not work without them. After tearing the house apart for an hour and a half - including going through the trash three times and even looking in the refrigerator and dishwasher and the medicine cabinet because I'd exhausted pretty much every other possibility - I eventually found them in the box where I store photography backdrops. How did they get there? I HAVE NO IDEA.

And then today I tried to do markdowns! Which was apparently too much of a challenge for my elderly MacBook, because the spinny rainbow beachball of doom promptly appeared for several minutes every time I tried to load a page! Oh and also my car's airbags have been recalled! IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING AND I WOULD LIKE A LITTLE LESS EXCITEMENT PLEASE.

*deep breath* ...if you need me I'll just be over here with the hematite and obsidian for a while.

Anyway! I did eventually convince my computer to behave, and many markdowns have been done and there are a couple of REALLY good deals in the clearance section as a result. Plus a whole lot of $14 earrings, so if you like earrings or you know people who like earrings this might be a good time to stock up. All the rest of the anniversary sale stuff is still going on too, including coupon code 14YAY for $14 off $41+ and the $14 mystery pendants.

(The sale ends at 11:59 eastern time on Thursday, though, so don't dawdle or you might turn into a pumpkin.)

...I really am going to go play with hematite and obsidian for the rest of my work day. I particularly need to restock a few of these new designs, because apparently I'm not the only person who's very DONE with this month. 

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