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Tuesday Afternoon Roundup: OH HEY WS TURNED 14

A haiku about being an adult, swiped from a Facebook meme:

I am so tired
where did all my money go
my back is hurting

In any given year there's about a 50/50 chance that I'll either get very sick right before the WS anniversary sale should start or that I will just... completely forget about it. This year I did both! With a bonus hand injury and also a major home renovation project that required me to play Tetris with all of the furniture on the first floor! *facepalm*


(I will however miss the *mumble* thousands of dollars that used to be in my bank account. But I figure the new windows will eventually pay for themselves, both in energy savings and in not dislocating a shoulder any time I want to open or close a window!)

ANYWAY. So yeah, this business that I started kinda by accident in 2003 and then quit my last RealJob™ job to do full-time in 2005 officially turned 14 when I wasn't paying attention and... I am not sure how that happened? But I do know that I have really awesome customers and I love you all and I would totally bake you all a cake if I could figure out how to mail it.

Since I didn't plan anything for the anniversary sale, I'm kinda making it up as I go along today. But for starters, I've:

  • marked a bunch of stuff down to $14 and will continue doing so as the mood strikes between now and November 14th so keep an eye on the clearance section,

  • and there are 14th Anniversary Surprise Shinies available for $14,

  • and coupon code 14YAY will take $14 off orders of $41 or more (excluding the $14 Anniversary Surprise Shinies, subscriptions, and custom work, sorry... but everything else is fair game!)

  • and... who knows what else might happen! I certainly don't!

Also please enjoy this photo of Smol Panther having An Anger in the washcloth basket while being locked in the upstairs bathroom yesterday while the windows were being installed! She also bit a roll of toilet paper to express her displeasure. Repeatedly.