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14th Anniversary Surprise Shiny!

14th Anniversary Surprise Shiny!

This listing is for one surprise shiny (pendant, earrings, or bracelet) - you get to choose the wire color (bright silver, antiqued silver, harvest gold, rosegold, antiqued brass, antiqued copper, bright copper) and a type of stone or glass (assuming I have it on hand, and I probably do). I'll choose the rest.

What will you get? I have no idea, and neither will you until you open the package, but it will be something nifty in my trademark swoopy wirework and it will be worth at least $25. Think of it like Instant Gratification crossed with the Earring Club!

Please put a note on your order with your preferences for type of shiny, color of wire, and what sort of stone/glass/etc you'd like in it. You can also just tell me a color, in which case it might be anything in any shade of that color, or you can tell me to completely surprise you with absolutely anything... which will cause me to cackle gleefully and go rummaging for something particularly nifty and/or unusual that I think you'll like.

If you want a bracelet, I need to know the length! Pendants will be in the 1" - 2" range unless you tell me otherwise, and earrings will be around 2" unless you ask for shorter or longer. Pendants will come with either a chain or a faux leather cord; earrings will be on my regular wires but if you have metal allergies you can upgrade as needed.

(If you choose one of the vague options but you don't want pearl/coral/bone/other animal products, let me know that too.) 

If you aren't sure if I have something on hand, feel free to get in touch before ordering, or give me multiple options to chose from.

One per customer, please! I'm starting out with 14 spots, with the intention of getting these in the mail within a few days of purchase. If those sell out quickly, I'll open up another 14, but expect those to take a little longer...

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