Masks! Masks! And more masks! Also shinies but you knew that.

First up: THE PLAGUE DOCTOR MASKS WILL BE HERE TODAY! And all the raven jewelry is ready to go! They will be shipped out no later than Wednesday, and possibly sooner!

(If you were only able to snag a pendant OR a pair of earrings last time and you wanted the set, I do have some extras of both - please let me know if you would like to add whatever you didn't already order and I'll send you a link.)

Secondly: now that we've pulled off the first collaboration, it's time for the next one! Take a look at what we've got up our sleeves this time: 

We're doing the ordering a little differently this time around, because it got a bit chaotic on the inventory management side of things: once again you can order a mask plus earrings OR a mask plus a pendant OR a mask plus a pendant and earrings - but this time you'll put each item in your cart separately. There is also a limit of one mask, one pendant, and one pair of earrings per person, and we will be releasing them in staged batches over the span of the next four days, starting at 10 am eastern time Monday July 13th.

(The other release times will be 2 pm Tuesday July 14, 6 pm Wednesday July 15, and 9pm Thursday July 16th. All eastern time.)

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