Monday Morning Murmurations

(I'm trying something new for the name, because "round-up" just reminds me too much of weedkiller and also I can never remember if there's supposed to be a hyphen in it, so... I'm going to randomly try other words until something sticks.) 

It's Monday, I'm underslept and undercaffeinated, and... mostly I have been busy getting orders out, so there's not a whole lot going on at the moment, but:

  • Over on Facebook there's an hour-long video from the livestream I did yesterday; I finally got around to unpacking and putting away the three pounds of labradorite that came in while I was in that horrendous flare at the end of 2021. Which tells you just how bad that flare was, because I had three pounds of labradorite sitting on my desk for almost two months before I got around to even looking at it.

  • Signups for Pretty Rocks Club are closed and the first shipment will go out later this week. (If you were a 2021 subscriber and you wanted to renew but forgot, ping me and I'll get you set up.) I'm pretty excited about it and I think it's going to be a fun year.

  • December 2021 Pretty Rocks Club is available for purchase now, but only at the deluxe level because it was basically a double shipment for subscribers and there is a LOT in it, plus the note is twice as long as usual.
  • I should be finishing up the last of the "into the unknown" pieces in the next few days; watch your email for a link to your listing.

  • As you may have noticed by now, I've deployed TemptationBot (an auto-posting... thingie? service? IDK I'm tired) to randomly share available products to my social media, since I am extremely not good at remembering to do that myself and Facebook in particular likes to show people only a very small percentage of what I post, so I figure this way some stuff will probably get seen? Maybe? TemptationBot is currently also doing a flash sale once a day over on Twitter. Hopefully I've got it set so it's showing you stuff but not being annoying; I'm definitely open to input on how often it posts.

  • Speaking of social media, I am attempting to learn how to TikTok. I am An Old and have no clue how to do any of this video editing stuff, but that's why I have a tweenager, right? There's literally nothing there right now except a profile picture and a bio, but if you want to follow it in anticipation of me figuring out what the heck to do with it (packing orders? bead ASMR? random workbench stuff? COULD BE ANYTHING) at some point in the next few weeks, go for it. 

  • New shinies should start hitting the website in the next few days; I've got a backlog of things that I made in December but never posted, and I also have a whole bunch of really gorgeous labradorite sitting on my workbench.

  • Zoe is getting very large and remains very ridiculous and she would like you to know that I am VERY MEAN and would not let her eat even ONE LITTLE LABRADORITE even though it is CLEARLY meant for labrador puppies since IT'S RIGHT THERE IN THE NAME AND EVERYTHING.

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