Monday Morning Roundup: I CAN'T EVEN edition

Yep, there definitely is some Monday/Mercury Retrograde nonsense happening, and I am already VERY OVER IT. 

My day started with spilling very very very hot water over both my wrists, because apparently the combination of hand tremor + migraine aura + not being caffeinated yet = FUN WITH NERVE PAIN BUT THAT'S OKAY IT'S NOT LIKE I NEED MY HANDS FOR WORK OR ANYTHING oh wait. 

(I'm mostly okay now, since I'd forgotten the water for long enough that it wasn't boiling anymore and I promptly slathered on the Horribly Stanky And Very Effective Herbal Burn Cream that my friend Karoline makes me keep in the kitchen at all times and then slapped lidocaine patches on for a couple of hours with the aid of some hair ties. But yeah, that was not how I wanted to start my Monday, thanks.)

It did, however, inspire me to make good on my threat to add a new Intent Pendant to the lineup, so... should you also be experiencing a bad case of Monday and/or Mercury Retrograde, may I suggest acquiring one of my Are You #@&%?! Kidding Me? pendants? I can't promise that it will fix anything, but it might help you remember to use your words instead of biting people. Also I'm putting the entire line on sale for the rest of the month, because it seems like the thing to do.

Other than that, uh... not much to report over here. Let's see:

  •  I'm sticking with the Morning Wire Meditation project, pretty much any day that I'm at the workbench, and it's teaching me some stuff.

  • July Earring Club starts shipping today, and it's another Educational month, in which I will surprise you with one of my very favorite stones (yes I have a lot of favorite stones, hush you) that tends to not photograph well. Muwahahahaha. 

  • Oh, and I'm going bead shopping with a friend on Sunday, so if you have any requests, now would be a good time to let me know. (Yes, I will try to get more of the grey/black moonstone.) Mmmm beads.
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