Monday Morning Round-up, impending puppy edition

Real quick round-up today, since we’re in the middle of puppy-proofing:

  • A bunch of new shinies went up last night! 

  • I’ve posted the holiday shipping deadlines; I built a significant amount of wiggle room into them already, but I’d recommend placing as many of your holiday orders as possible during the anniversary sale, just to be on the safe side. It will NOT surprise me if the mail slows to even more of a crawl by the end of November. If I see that happening early, I’ll let y’all know. 

  • Speaking of the sale, it will start on Monday November 1 and run through Sunday November 7th. If you think you might succumb to additional temptation as the week goes on and want me to hold your order(s) until the end of the sale, please let me know by replying to your order confirmation email. There will be the usual deep discounts all week, plus I plan to put together some fun grab bags and maybe do an Instant Gratification livestream.

  • Speaking again of shipping, I’ve signed up for a service that lets me do CO2 offsets for all my packages through Pachama. My e-commerce platform is already doing this for orders placed between October 25th and December 31st, but it’s something I want to commit to doing year-round. There’s no escaping the fact that a mail-order business has a significantly high carbon footprint, so in addition to steps like minimizing packaging by packing multiple items into a single, reusing my inventory storage baggies until they quite literally fall apart, switching my workbench lighting from halogen to LED, and eliminating printed packing slips, this is a small thing I can do. It’s not perfect, but small things add up. 

  • ...there was probably something else but I can't remember what.
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