Monday Roundup, planning ahead edition

(EDIT: the international holiday shipping deadline is indeed November 22, not December 22 as this post previously stated. True story: this morning I went to the doctor to discuss what we’re going to do about the fact that my ADHD is no longer even remotely under control! And that was immediately after I’d managed to get halfway to school before remembering that I was carpool mom today... despite having texted the other mom with my ETA as I walked out the door. *facepalm* At least my doctor was very entertained when I presented that as just one of many pieces of evidence to support my NEED MEDS NOW PLS request...)

At some point earlier this year Past Me was SUPER organized and put all the holiday shipping deadlines on her calendar. (Past Me deserves a cookie for this.)

Present Me forgot all about that until she looked at her calendar this morning and realized one of them is this week. So, with no further ado, I present to you the official Wyrding Studios Holiday Shipping Deadlines!

If you live outside the US and/or are having things sent to an address that is outside the US:

  • Your deadline for any $WINTERHOLIDAY is this coming Friday, November 22. You might still want to offer up a sacrifice to whatever gods you think have influence over customs offices in your country, though. Just to be safe.

If you live in the US and/or are having things sent to an address that is in the US:

  • If you would like your shinies to arrive before the first night of Hannukah or Yule/Solstice (Sunday, December 22), the order must be placed no later than Monday, December 16. Also please remember I have no control over the postal service, much as I might wish I did, so earlier is ALWAYS better.
  • if you would like your shinies to arrive before the last night of Hanukkah (Sunday, December 29, you've got a little bit of wiggle room, but I would still highly recommend going with the previous deadline. If you like to procrastinate, the absolute latest is Tuesday December 23. No exceptions. I have latkes to fry for Jewish Christmas.
  • If you would like your shinies to arrive before Christmas Eve (Tuesday December 24) the order must be placed no later than Wednesday December 18.  Again, no exceptions; I am not a Time Lord.
  • If you somehow manage to forget about the existence of Christmas until December 19th, as someone inevitably does every single year (how? how is that possible? do you live under a rock??) your options will be a gift certificate or a larger gift certificate.  (Unless you want to pay $40 for overnight shipping, and yes, that is an exorbitant markup because I charge extra for things I don't want to do. Now you know.)

These deadlines are for things I have already designed, i.e. things what are already on the website. If you want custom work, now's a really good time to tell me that. (Yes, there will be at least one Instant Gratification session, but I don't know when because Past Me didn't schedule that.)

Other news of note this week:

  • The anniversary sale is over but there are still some good deals lingering in the clearance section, including some $14 earrings because I'm too lazy to put them back to whatever price they were before.

  • Those really pretty glass roses are back in stock now and I have enough to do some custom work with them, plus I also have them in shimmery clear and very pale yellow and a blue-purple color that a couple of Earring Club folks got but hasn't made it to the website yet. You'll probably see all of them by the end of the week, though, because I am plotting things. 

  • I came downstairs Saturday morning and found the Tiny Evil Genius and her BFF had made earrings at some point during their sleepover, and they're pretty adorable and they made six pairs and FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE DO NOT EAT THEM I KNOW THEY LOOK TASTY BUT THEY AREN'T. (No I did not lick them why are you all staring at me?)

  • This is your annual reminder that I don't participate in Black Friday either as a retailer or a consumer. Instead I keep my prices reasonable year-round and run sales pretty frequently! I also move things that haven't sold in a while into the clearance section on a regular basis, so a thing that you love but can't afford right now may well become cheaper at some point (although you do run the risk of someone else yoinking it first) and the Oracle of Random Numbers pops up every now and then to pass out discount codes to all who petition.

  • Another $WINTERHOLIDAY reminder: there is a wishlist function! You can send a link to your wishlist to anyone who asks what to get you! Or put it in your questionnaire/profile/whatever if you're doing a Secret Santa/Switch Witch/gift exchange! My basic packaging is pretty darn nice all on its own if I do say so myself, but you can also add a gift bag to your order for a little extra fanciness, or I can wrap it for you in very sparkly gold paper if you don't mind that I'm not good at wrapping things in anything that isn't wire so it may look like I let the nine-year-old do it. (I may, in fact, have let the nine-year-old do it, since she's slightly better at it than I am.)

...and to reward you for reading all the way to the end, here's a photo of Smol Panther informing me that the nice soft fuzzy blanket I thought I was buying for myself was, in fact, for the cat and not the human:

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