Pride 2018 collection!

For once, I actually managed to plan ahead and get a themed collection out before a holiday! WOOOO EXECUTIVE FUNCTION! YAY CAFFEINE! HOORAY FOR CUSTOMERS WHO ASKED IF MAYBE I COULD DO RAINBOW SHINIES!

...aaaaaaanyway. June is Pride month, and if you were laboring under the impression that I'm straight, I'm terribly sorry to disappoint you, but I don't even have a proper closet for my clothing, much less one I could fit myself into. (Technically that means my bedroom isn't actually a bedroom, but I digress. A lot. As usual.) And since I am an excellent capitalist marketer of handmade items, that means it's time for me to  shamelessly climb on the bandwagon make some rainbow- and other-pride-flag-themed shinies.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to make, so I went with just picking out beads and leaving the decisions up to y'all, or as I like to call it, choose-your-own-adventure shinies. I've come up with three sets of beads so far - rainbow, trans, and bi colors - and I'm happy to do any other pride flag colors if you want them; just ping me with a reference photo. You can get just about anything in the rainbow version, and your choice of pendant, earrings, or bracelet in the others; I can do custom pieces too.

I also did some little WYSIWYG Swarovski crystal earrings, in rainbow, trans, bi, and pan colors so far. Again, if you don't see your pride flag, just ping me and I'll make it happen! 

You can find all of the collection here, and any one-of-a-kind items I add over the next few days will end up there as well. 

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