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look what the cat dragged in

I've been finding bags of beads outside my bedroom door or in the hallway on a regular basis lately. At first I thought it was probably Claire carrying things upstairs and dropping them, like she does with Legos (ow) but upon closer inspection, the bags all have fang marks in them. And this morning when I got up Lailah was sitting outside the door next to the beads and proceeded to spend several minutes mewing smugly while twining around my ankles.

So apparently she thinks I'm not capable of hunting and catching my own beads?

(She's obviously never seen me in action. This weekend I went to a trade show and stopped at the bank to take out $80 in cash with the intention of sticking to a very modest budget since I have four boxes of beads that haven't been put away from my last NYC buying trip and I didn't actually NEED more beads, but when your friend texts you going "BEAD SHOW DOWNTOWN TODAY" you toss all the kids in your possession into the car and go to the bead show and then you spend a bunch of time saying things like "don't kiss the beads" to the 3-year-old you're babysitting, but I digress. I spent that $80 in about 10 minutes flat and then I found the booth with the labradorite and moonstone and went "well, the business debit card is still in my pocket, sooooo...") that was a lot of going off on tangents. BRB, need to go find where I left my tea this time.

ANYWAY. So the cat has been very thoughtfully providing me with beads, and since she has interesting taste, I decided I'm going to start a new series called "What The Cat Dragged In" and make a piece of jewelry with whatever she brings me. The first four days worth are going up now (along with some shinies made from the beads I bought this weekend) and more will be added whenever I wake up to beads outside my door. Which means I CAN'T put away those four boxes of beads, I guess? 

(And yes, I know all of the woodwork in my house desperately needs to be refinished or repainted. It's on my list of things to do in my copious spare time, which means I'll probably get around to it in, oh, 2032 or thereabouts.)

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mischief managed

Saturday morning I spent a while hanging out downtown at the Concord Arts Market with my friend Ben, who gave me a handful of chainmaille pieces and asked me to wirewrap them.

Most stayed with him, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with them, but here's what I've done with mine: 

It's a necklace that I think would be perfect as bridal jewelry, or for a fancy party, or just to wear to the grocery store. The chainmaille is aluminium, so it's actually very lightweight, and it's really pretty as a choker.

These are two of the pieces I left with Ben:

If you haven't seen his work yet (Earring Club subscribers all got a pair of his earrings in their February shipment!) check it out at Knitting Metal

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Summer Flash Sale!

I uploaded item #1000 last night, and when I went to put away this week's work, I discovered that my inventory bins are quite literally overflowing. 

See that blue box in the middle? That's the stuff I can't fit into the inventory bins.

Let's take a closer look:


Summer is always a pretty slow time of the year for me - often so much so that I just take August off - but this year I've been all about getting back to my pre-parenting level of production, so June and July flew by and all of a sudden it's the middle of August and school is starting in two weeks (HALLELUJAH) and I have to start working on the autumn designs soon and wowza I've hit my inventory goals 9 weeks out of 10 so no wonder the bins are overflowing.

Anyway. I need to make room in the bins, so here's a flash sale: coupon code TOOHOT takes 20% off everything for the next three days. Go get yourself some back-to-school shinies!

(There's a LOT of new stuff. Have you seen the thermally-reactive color changing beads? Or the meteorites?)

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new shinies!

It's been a productive day! I do enjoy productive days, and would like to have more of them, please and thank you. With any luck, my new thyroid meds will make that happen on a regular basis again.

But enough about me. I know you're here for the shinies. 

Some of these got snagged as soon as they hit the store, but you can take a look at the rest (and everything else that's in stock and ready to be shipped) right over here. Go on, you know you want to drool at the shiny things...

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adventures in wholesale: guitar string jewelry

Many many years ago in NYC, I had a fabulous assistant named Laura, who once went to the post office to buy stamps and returned empty-handed because someone was trying to mail live chickens. (It's a long story.)

Laura is now a pretty fantastic touring musician, and she recently sent me this: 

Which I promptly turned into these: 

and these: 

So if you're lucky enough to be in one of the cities where Laura will be playing this summer, go hear some great live music and get yourself a CD and maybe a bracelet. And ask her about the chickens.

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