Weekly Roundup: rainy Thursday edition with hematite

Recovering from surgery is a THING, y'all. Some days I feel totally fine and other days I feel like I've been run over by the Fatigue Bus and I'm exhausted by the time I get out of the shower in the morning. (Yesterday was the later, and okay, yes, dealing with this much hair IS probably more exercise than I'm supposed to be doing, but c'mon, body, really?) So yes, shipping times are still running slower than I'd like, and on a good day I seem to have about an hour or two of workbench time in me, but it's progress and I'll take it.

The first half of the beads for the March Pretty Rocks Club (aquamarine and friends) arrived a few days ago, and they're lovely and I already know what I want to do with them. I'm still waiting on additional beads for the deluxe subscribers, but tracking says they were in Germany yesterday, so that's good.

Some dyed moonstone beads may possibly have snuck into my cart to keep the first batch of aquamarine company on its travels, and yes, I know I just went OFF about dyed beads, but there's a big difference between "these were dyed on purpose to make something that doesn't exist in nature" and "we hope you won't know the difference between natural AA grade and dyed C grade" and these moonstone beads are REALLY pretty, albeit completely unnatural:

(I have several pieces in progress on the workbench that will HOPEFULLY make it up on the website today and I love them so much and am having to sternly tell myself that I can't keep all of it for myself.)

Oh, and speaking of unnatural, I opted to go with rainbow-coated hematite for this round of "Mercury is retrograde again, here's some hematite" because WHY NOT IT'S PRETTY. Also I couldn't decide what to make so I'm letting y'all decide, and you can put some stars on it for an extra dollar if you want: 

(No, I'm not actually shedding my skin like a snake, that's just a clear bandaid on my thumb. I got into an argument with a fruit cup a few days before that photo was taken and the fruit cup won and I don't want to talk about it.)

Speaking of "I can't decide what to make" I want to do some sort of $29 special on February 29th (BECAUSE MARKETING) and I'm thinking maybe something sort of like the New Year's intention pieces, only this time you tell me about a leap of faith you want to take and I make you a piece that reflects that? IDK, it might be too ambitious given how unpredictable everything is for me right now, I'll keep thinking about it and see where I am when we get home from meeting a sloth on Saturday. 

(...no I'm not hallucinating and neither are you, we really are going to meet a sloth this weekend.)

Okay. Pants! Then workbench. 

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