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  • Several cat-themed designs are in the works, in honor of Smol Panther’s arrival at Halloween 7 years ago - and I had to start off with these, because being presented with her butt is either a grave insult (if she dislikes you, and she dislikes most people) or the highest possible complement (if you are one of the few people she grudgingly tolerates) and trust me, there is never any question about which she intends it to be. 😆

    Enamel charms with glass that’s almost as tricksy as a cat, on rose-gold copper wire with rose-gold-filled earwires.

    If you have metal allergies, the gold-filled earwires will be the best match, but titanium or sterling will also look okay - upgrade to those or anything else as needed/desired.

    (Smol Panther not included as she is too bitey to be mailed)

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