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Kind Regards #1

Kind Regards #1

Mercury is retrograde again! (As evidenced by the fact that I just accidentally switched over to Hebrew in my keyboard layout and when I switched back to English it used the right alphabet but was somehow still typing everything from right to left instead of left to right, but I digress.) Which means that unless you somehow live in a world full of unicorns and rainbows, chances are pretty good that people are tap-dancing on your very last nerve right now. 


So! Rather than actually signing all your emails “kind regards” for the next couple weeks... slap a pair of these earrings in your ears, drink some water, get as much sleep as you can, and deploy the backspace key liberally. I can’t promise that they’ll actually keep the chaos away from you, but they might just remind you that you’d look horrible in an orange jumpsuit, which is about the best anyone can hope for some days. 

Rainbow obsidian, garnet, sculpted silver wire, and frequent reminders that biting people rarely ends well.  Open edition; please allow for very small variations in the stones and wirework. Want ‘em shorter? Just ask! This batch of rainbow obsidian mostly has really neat silvery flash, but some of them have hints of purple and/or green too. 

(I use sterling silver french hooks by default, but I also stock titanium and surgical steel french hooks, high-quality silver-plated leverback findings, and two kinds of clip-on earring thingies, and you can upgrade to any of those right over here.)



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