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Not-So-Dark Forest

Not-So-Dark Forest

I made SO MANY of these earrings and their matching pendants in their original green-glass-and-garnet incarnation - to the point where I actually discontinued them for a few years because I was so tired of making them (2019 Kyth is making very acerbic comments right now about how it must’ve been nice to be able to afford to be all “I’m bored I SHALL DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT THAT SELLS SO WELL” and she’s not wrong) and while I did eventually bring them back I also eventually ran out of the original beads, and the importer that sold them to me not only also ran out of them but has now gone out of business and... I really should try to find a replacement supplier, shouldn’t I. yeah, I don’t have any more of the original beads, but these pink ones are pretty too, and vintage glass “pearls” worked just fine as the berries. 

(I used titanium  french hooks on these because they looked best with the dark silver, but you can upgrade to any thing else that I stock  right over here.)


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