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The Earring Project: Fire

The Earring Project: Fire

I started to do grab bags of my $5 mystery earrings, like I did last year, but then I had an idea: what if I picked out a bunch of beads that go together? What if I made them into an assortment of themed earrings that could be worn separately or together or mixed-and-matched?

Let’s find out. 

When you purchase this item, you will receive a MINIMUM of three pairs of earrings using the exact beads you see here, plus at least one other pair of beads that will be a surprise. One pair will involve fwooshy wirework, one pair will be very simple, and the other pair(s) could be anywhere in between. At least one pair will get a name. The name and the combinations will be a surprise until you open the package.

They’ll all be on silver wire with sterling French hooks unless you opt for something else - if you want to upgrade  you can do that right over here. (Add three pairs of whatever you want to your cart; if it ends up being more than three pairs I’ll toss in the others on the house.)

If you see a particular combination of beads that you definitely want me to put together into one of the pairs, let me know; alternately, you love almost all the beads but really hate one pair, let me know and I’ll swap that pair out for something else. Otherwise, I’ll let the beads tell me what they want to be. 

In this batch: garnet, antique crystal, carnelian, a new “stone” that’s a mix of goldstone and something red that they claimed was ruby but if you believe that I’d like to sell you some oceanfront property in Arizona, and also assorted glass. 

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