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Who Says Fashion Isn’t A Weapon?

Who Says Fashion Isn’t A Weapon?

Setting aside for a moment the matter of the words “vintage” and “made in the 2000s” appearing in the same sentence... I LOVE THESE BEADS. A whole lot. They’re somehow both retro and futuristic (and I would have guessed no earlier than the 80s, but maybe they were using vintage molds or something? I HAVE NO IDEA) and they’re also really sparkly and in a pinch you could probably stab somebody with these earrings. 

(Obligatory disclaimer: Wyrding Studios does not condone violence and we assume no liability for any injuries sustained from our products. Please do not stab people with our earrings. Probably you should also be careful when hugging or cuddling people while wearing these. Also these might not be the best earrings to wear around babies and toddlers who like to grab shiny things. You’re on your own when it comes to cats and corvids.)

There’s a whole lot of sparkle and motion in these earrings, and because they’re lucite they’re also super super lightweight. The faceted round-ish beads probably ARE vintage, for the definition of vintage that means “made before I was born” and did I mention the sparkle? 

(I use sterling silver french hooks by default, but I also stock titanium and surgical steel french hooks, high-quality silver-plated leverback findings, and two kinds of clip-on earring thingies, and you can upgrade to any of those right over here.)


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