Monday Morning roundup: found some lost shinies!

Smol Panther says "Monday is a bad idea, let's bite it."

(I say "MOAR CAFFEINE PLS" but that's every morning, so...)

A lot happened last week, so I thought I'd do a quick roundup post. I'd like to say this is a thing I'll start doing on a regular basis, but I make no promises. (Although I did make a recurring task in my to-do list, which improves the odds.) Let's recap, shall we? 

by Kythryne Aisling, age very tired

  • After a mere 13 years, wishlists are finally a thing! With a coupon code if you make one and share it on social media! 

  • Because my life is very exciting, I spent Saturday night doing inventory reconciliation, which is a fancy way of saying I went through the inventory bins and made sure everything in the bins was also on the website. I, uh, found a bunch of stuff that wasn't. (No wonder they never sold.) See exhibits [1] [ 2] [ 3] [ 4] [ 5]. 

  • While I was doing that, I also moved some stuff into the clearance section and did some additional markdowns on a few things. Since I only made it through four inventory bins (out of eighteen) you can expect me to do more of that over the next few days. JUST SAYIN'. 

  • Additionally, I started transitioning everything to a very fancy barcode-based system which should help me streamline my order packing system. And then someone dared me to put a barcode on the cat so I did and surprisingly I'm still alive. 

  • And lastly but definitely not leastly (wait that's not a word, I need more coffee) I started working on a thing:

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