Monday Morning Roundup: Mercury Retrograde preparation edition

(actual photo of me upon realizing that Mercury is about to go retrograde)

Y'all, I am normally Madame Skepticalia McDoubtfulpants about anything that can't be proven with science, but Mercury Retrograde is just a whole bunch of Bad Stuff Happening All At Once and I would really like to hide under a rug until August, okay? Except I can't, because bills and parenting and stuff.


Since I can't hide under a rug, expect to see me hauling out aaaaaaaall the hematite and obsidian and smoky quartz and onyx and... well, basically anything associated with protection/grounding/GTFO vibes. Because if nothing else, it calms ME down, and that means I probably won't yell at people. Much.

(Story time: many years ago when I was a wee young thing working in the non-profit world, I always kept a big chunk of hematite on my desk. I told people it helped me stay calm under stress, which was entirely true... but what I usually didn't mention was the part where it worked because I was too busy visualizing chucking it at the head of whoever was annoying me at the time to actually say what I was thinking. And this is why I no longer work in the non-profit world.)

ANYWAY. I've already been busy with the hematite, in the form of these earrings, and I restocked the NOT TODAY, SATAN pendants and earrings while I was at it. And if those aren't your style (or if you already have them) there are a few intent pendants that might come in useful over the next few weeks.

(Maybe I should make an intent pendant called "NOPE" or something. Hematite, obsidian, onxy, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and... *rummages* larvikite, maybe? *puts it on to-do list for next week*)

Also! Let's talk about customization, because that's a thing I've been doing more and more lately. If you've ever looked at one of my necklaces you've undoubtably seen the "can be adjusted to any length between X and Y" in the description, and I've also always offered free extenders for bracelets (although I've only recently remembered to, y'know, SAY THAT) and you probably know all about the many varieties of earwires and pinchy things I can put on earrings. BUT! I can also often make other changes to things upon request, or make a different version of something if you like some of the elements but want to change something.

In general, it's always easier to add than to take away, so if you want me to add [insert stone of your choosing] onto something, or build up the wirework in one spot to make something more symmetrical, or make a longer version of any given earring design, that's usually pretty easy. If you want something removed, that's trickier, but sometimes I can do a fast swap on a stone, or shorten a bracelet, and making shorter versions of earrings is almost always possible. So if you're looking at something and going "it's ALMOST perfect buuuuuuuuut" feel free to ask me if modifications are possible, because they often are! Sometimes it will affect the price, but rarely more than $5 or $10 unless you're asking for something really major, and I'll tell you up front how much it will cost, if there's a charge at all. 

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